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    Historical price gra06-07
    Historical price gra06-07
    Historical price graph for Nickel

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    Stocks and prices for 6 June 2014

    LME Official Prices, US$ per tonne

    Contract Price
    Cash Buyer 18460.00
    Cash Seller & Settlement 18465.00
    3-months Buyer 18500.00
    3-months Seller 18520.00
    Dec 1 Buyer 18355.00
    Dec 1 Seller 18455.00
    Dec 2 Buyer 18230.00
    Dec 2 Seller 18330.00
    Dec 3 Buyer 17905.00
    Dec 3 Seller 18005.00

    LME Official Prices Curve

    LME Official Opening stocks in tonnes

    Stocks Amount
    Opening Stock 283992
    Live Warrants 167922
    Cancelled Warrants 116070

    Settlement Exchange Rates

    Currency Exchange rate
    GB Pounds Sterling 1.6824
    Japanese Yen 102.36
    Euro 1.3639

    LME Index value 3107

    Access real time prices and trading information via LMElive or our Licensed Data Distributor network.

    The date of the Official Opening Stocks detailed above, refers to the date that the value is evaluated by the LME, rather than the date the information is published to the market in real-time stock movement reports.

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